Ch. CVJ's Tah-Dah

" Sean "

Color : Red (Orange) Roan

Sire: Desert Rose's Blueberry Shake (Blue Roan)
Dam: Ch. CVj's Que Sera Sera (Red/Wh)


Bred / Owned By: V.Roether

Roans were long forgotten in the show ring after the separation of the two breeds (English cockers / American Cockers).  Most breedeers of American Cockers didn't want to breed the roan color as it was so closly associaated as that of an English Cocker at that time.  So they bred more for Blacks, Buff's and Parti Colors.

It wasn't until late 1990's that the roan color was once again showing up in the show ring.  Up until that time, rarely if ever was any roan Am.Cockers shown in AKC shows.  Sean's grandfather Int/Am.Ch. *** was among the first blue roans to show in the USA. 

At first, many judges were not educated on the color as it fit into the standard for the breed and many tried to disqualify the color completly.  So with roans making their way back into the ring, ASC had to clarify the standard as written, for this color pattern.  You can find the standard for the roan color pattern both on the ASC site as well as the AKC site.

Sean is the first red/roan in History to achieve an AKC Championship Title. 

Following in the footsteps of his Grandfather "Blueberry" - Sean protrays excellence in all area's as per the standard.  If your wanting to work towards roans in your breeding program you have to breed to a roan to get a roan - the color pattern does not skip generations.  To learn more and/or to consider Sean in the future of your breeding - contact us.



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